Fragrances underscore your personality. Create your personal touch according to the occasion - seductive, extravagant or simply sensually refreshing.
In Heinemann Duty Free Travel Value shops you can find a wide range of exclusive perfumes made by leading manufacturers up to 45 percent off. Let yourself be inspired and choose your personal fragrance. 

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Our ideal in terms of beauty is to always provide you with a perfect choice of international cosmetic lines, including a number of beauty products ranging from the classics to the latest. We are happy to offer you excellent products of international cosmetics lines. This supply includes already well known cosmetics and also presents the newest ones. You will save about  25 per cent by buying at Heinemann Duty Free Travel Value.

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Wine and spirits

There are different types of alcohol drinks at Heinemann Duty Free Travel Value shops, all waiting for you in attractive special sizes, to lend a particular note to each occasion. We have well known and exclusive cognacs, liqueurs, aquavits, bitters, tequila, rum, vodka, gin, port, wines and whiskeys. All of them are 20 - 30 per cent less price than in city stores. Our aim is to give the possibility for the customers to choose well known products by individual needs and for the reasonable price.

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There's nothing sweeter in life than the little surprises it holds in store. Especially when they're sweet. Our shops have a palette of delicious nibbles to choose from. Treat your friends and family. Or simply treat yourself! All of that and more you will find at Heinemann Duty Free Travel Value for the best prices.

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Jewelry & accessories

Nothing makes a more lasting and memorable travel souvenir than fine jewelry. Whether you crave sparkle and flash or something more demure, travel value - duty free shopping allows you to purchase exquisite pieces such as bracelets, earrings and pendants with hundreds off the retail price. Choose from special assortment of Swarovski, Lacoste, Emporio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, Rayban for the fantastic prices!

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Lithuanian products and souvenirs

What are your associations of Lithuania? Amber, flax, clay articles? You will find various products of Lithuanian amber, wood, clay and souvenirs at the special Heinemann Duty Free Travel Value local products shop dedicated only for the Lithuanian goods. There are also Lithuanian alcohol drinks and sweets you can buy and save too.

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